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Detailed guide to searching tips and tricks

Welcome to the Exeter Health Library Searching Skills Resource Hub

(Work-in-progress will change!  DN 16/10/18 )‚Äč

Content:             ‚ÄčThese pages are for  health staff or students  working in all areas.     If you need to be more specific aspects then contact me. 

There are so many excellent sites on searching.  I'm aiming to only outline the principles of  each aspect.

There are  links  to  resources in the text that give further details.

  • These include webpages, documents, presentations and excel tools -
  • Some resources may be referred to more than once
  • They will also appear on the resources tab 


Navigation:         Use the Main Blue / Red  tabs above and look out for other plain tabs within the page frames.

Using Links:       Links will either open in another tab, or a pop up window. 
                               Links to files may not open immediately. (1) -

  • You may need to look in your downloads folder
  • In Google Chrome look for the buttons on the bottom of the screen (2).
  • There is an option for 'Open' or 'Always Open Files of this Type' (3)

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Copying Links:     Note you can copy any link for use elsewhere,            eg in a word document.

  • Right Click link (1)   
  • Copy Link Address  (2)

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Contacts and Feedback

See below for quick links to library resources and how to contact Exeter Health Library.

If you need any assistance, or would like to give some feedback on this Resource Hub,
please contact your named librarian, David Newman, or e-mail the Library:

See  Dave's  Twitter feed @DaveEHL  with updates of recent developments and resources

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Use Chrome or Edge but not Internet Explorer

When using any links from our website pages ( or logging on to NHS Open Athens ( to access journals please ensure that Chrome or Edge is selected as your browser of choice.

Internet Explorer will no longer be supported and all publishers have accordingly deprecated access so links will no longer work correctly.publishers have accordingly deprecated access so links will no longer work correctly.